Charticle on Jennifer Balcos Gallery

Jennifer Balcos Gallery is a welcome addition to the Palm Beach art scene. Her South County Road gallery, that opened October 2023, is her second location of her successful Atlanta-based vast gallery of emerging and mid-career Contemporary living artists. She represents many African American artists in the Atlanta area, as well as artists globally. Using her keen design eye from a strong career in design and art placement services, she finds unique talented artists in her travels. She jokes that she recently bought 21 pieces in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico to showcase in her gallery, but she kept them to build her own portfolio. She, after all, is an enthusiastic collector herself. Jennifer is a passionate and personable gallerist who values her long-time relationships with both artists and collectors built on transparency and trust. Palm Beach art lovers, stop in to meet Jennifer and her Siberian Huskey Komet.

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