Charting Spring 2017 “The Rest” for National Poetry Month

Publisher’s Letter April 25, 2017 during National Poetry Month

Yesterday a red cardinal hopped about and followed me like a puppy. The humid pop of rain soothed nature into dancing. Then nature nudged me to write a poem. In week six of coddling a sprained ankle, with limited meditative activity, like biking or beach walking, my writing has been uninspired. So, I was grateful for these words to flow. The wing reference in the poem is from my 2012 book “Marlins Cry, A Phishing Story,” in Chapter 20 Safe Harbor on page 89. The book is an entertaining short read for your upcoming summer vacations.

So, in spring, this season of growth, wishing you a nudging of your own for encouragement. Have a beautiful spring Chart readers!

Casey Tennyson, Publisher

#NationalPoetryMonth #WorldPoetryDay

Readers Respond:

“Enjoyed the affirmation of God present in nature. You definitely have the genes of Alfred Lord Tennyson.” — Laurel Bookhardt, Ringling School of Art

“Beautiful! Lovely. Heartfelt. Thank you for sharing these words with me.” — Marcia Chellis Author

“Your poem ‘The Rest’ is so so beautiful! I am so glad that you shared this with me and that you are sharing this with the world. I love your wording …I love the images … I love the message!” — Mary Hayes, Author

“Your poem ‘The Rest’ is beautiful and meaningful – you truly have a gift.” — Michelle Anderson

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