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CHARTING WINDS OF CHANGE. I’m a little windblown after being at Swifty’s for the afternoon. Season ended. Hello Summer. The theme of the last Chart magazine issue was Sixth Sense in Year Six, and I wrote in my Publisher Letter, “I have a strong Sixth Sense. As I publish this sixth annual issue of Chart magazine Palm Beach, I am listening and predicting changes.” Yes, changes manifested in 2023-24 season indeed. That is past. Future looks heavenly. Seventh issue is in production and features many fresh faces and new stories of charities and arts, our only two topics. I can’t wait to share it with readers.

Remember, it’s just ONE person creating the whole magazine and Chart promotion, so give me a little quiet time to do my magic on my Mac. My quiet time follows my three-month buzz of marketing research, marketing strategy, networking, sales, interviews and writing, photography, branding – graphic design – pre-press, event planning and execution, community relations, public relations, and creation and management of online promotions including online newsletter, website and social media. My magazine is one of my own ad agency clients.

20 Years of Chart Magazine in Florida. 40 Years of Professional Marketing and Advertising.

Summer offers a shift and time for other projects and clients. How can I help with your strategy / marketing / advertising / public relations for your business, organization or personal brand? Let’s talk.

Charting together,

Casey Tennyson, Chart Publisher, Ghostwriter and Author, Ad Agency Owner

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