Charting Luck and Intention for 2024

Lady Luck Landed on Worth Avenue, Publisher Note 010624

Lady luck landed on my floral adorned Chanel sunglasses after a New Year beach walk and meditation by Worth Avenue. The friendly ladybug impeded my vision as I walked to my car and simply would not depart from the sunglasses even with gentle shaking. Then I acknowledged her as a sign of luck in 2024, and she fluttered away. 

New Year’s Eve was 12/31/23. The date itself, 123123 suggests to me as a word person, “123 … 123 … GO!” This season seems to be a good time to take action on well planned ideas and manifest our desires. A little luck will help nudge things along, of course.

So, as we kick off the year of 2024, and Chart starts planning for the seventh annual issue for next season, I invite you all to share your own stories of success and luck in our only two topics of charities and arts in Palm Beach with Chart readers. Give me a call and let’s put our collaborative plan in action!

Charting together,

Casey Tennyson, Author and Chart Publisher

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