Chart was founded by an ad agency owner and professional writer, broadcast producer, author and ghostwriter. Chart test marketed the charity art concept in December 2004 in a Nutcracker program.

Chart Nostalgia about 2004 Nutcracker program, December 2022

I own an ad agency. The first thing I do before I start being creative for a client is to do research then create a marketing plan. In 2004, 18 years ago, I had done my research and set my plan to launch Chart charity art magazine, promotions, events and art gallery. I test marketed the concept in the 2004 Nutcracker program for Central Florida Ballet. I added a section in the back of the program of Chart prototype pages. I produced the program for them as a volunteer and sold ads so I could make it more professional than the charity’s free donated printing and graphics services. The concept was an immediate success for advertisers wanting to target affluent Winter Park.
Chart is looking at the next year and adjusting to the market for the 6th Chart Palm Beach annual issue. I started a list of the Chart member’s favorite charities as they joined or renewed their memberships. So far there are 29 (some with multiple votes) and what I find interesting is that some of these charities do not yet have Charticles. So, Chart now knows what charities our readers would like to support and sponsor. This is helpful information. I’ve gathered a lot of data and input that will help to drive decisions of the next annual issue. I’ll share more soon.
In the meantime, Happy Holidays Chart readers!
Wishing you a blessed holiday season. Casey

Writing Charticles and Writing Checks, Chart Status for December 2022

Someone asked me about my writing skills recently. It’s my passion and God-given talent. One main reason why I publish Chart is to help others share their messages with my help.
Chart is published by a highly-credentialed professional writer. I am entrusted with client’s autobiographies as a ghostwriter. As a young advertising executive with a journalism degree, I was an award-winning advertising copywriter and TV commercial producer, as well as a media buyer who managed millions of dollars in a Top 20 Broadcast Market. I ran a small efficient and effective in-house ad agency, with one of the top three largest media budgets in the Orlando market.
Over 30 years ago, I launched my boutique advertising agency, serving both large and small clients and freelanced for other media. Cutting Edge Communications evolved into luxury marketing. In 2015, I started Chart charity art magazine in affluent Winter Park, Florida to serve my clients. At the time, Winter Park did not have a dedicated magazine so Chart filled that need. Chart also launched an art gallery that was a charity fundraiser, fulfilling the mission of promoting charities and arts. The magazine, the advertisers and sponsors, and featured creative people / artists all benefitted from services of my full-service ad agency with not only print ads, but events, community relations, public relations and massive promotions. Chart published four issues a year for ten years with great success.
It was time for Casey to find a beach town. I had a beach place as a second home in Palm Beach for many years, so I started Chart Palm Beach to serve that community in 2017, and have published annually for five years in a scaled-back version of the original Chart magazine and promotions. Chart PB publishes once a year in print supported by a weekly online newsletter and social media, and monthly events showcasing charities and / or creative people. The sponsored “Charticles” are one-page testimonials of people in the community about why they personally support a charity or creative person / organization. Occasionally, a sponsor will not want to focus on themselves personally, but will want a third-person article, like what other magazines typically print. Chart can do this for feature articles of two or more pages, such as the last few issues with the featured charity.
Whereas in Winter Park in 2005, there were no local magazines, in 2022 Palm Beach is inundated with luxury magazines clamoring for readership on the island. They all are well produced and well-funded. Chart differs in a few ways. Chart only has two topics, charities and arts. Chart gives an intimate look at personal reasons community members support these two topics. The other magazines cover more topics and have large staffs to do this. For example, Palm Beach Illustrated in December 2022 issue listed 37 titled staff members, another 21 for the media group, plus others not listed.
Chart has one … ONE … passion-driven entrepreneur, Casey, who sells all the ads and sponsorships, interviews, writes, takes photos, does the layout and graphics, creates the website and social media and all online promotions, creates every event, and promotes it all.
I also contribute financially. I offer lower rates so people can participate. I have given discounts in the past that I viewed as my contribution to the charity and my community. This leaves related financial costs to print the magazine, maintain the online presence, and create events, that I personally cover to keep Chart alive in Palm Beach.
I believe Chart has value. The readers give me positive feedback continually. Chart has a place in the community to be a voice with a soul. Every advertiser and Chart sponsor make this possible. I am grateful for the people who contribute to my effort.
A new year is a time to review and revise. I am making a business plan now for 2023-24 season. I’m considering many options. To be involved or contribute ideas or resources to Chart, please contact me. 407-629-6366
Regards, Casey Tennyson

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