Casey Tennyson has self-published since 2008, and helped other authors with ghostwriting, editing, cover and page designs, and book promotions.

Casey’s books that she still promotes are:

“Freedom for Flowers, The Secrets to Peace and Joy and Love Revealed by a Butterfly and Botanicals” by Casey Tennyson  published September 2023. It is a gift book, a flower photo book, a garden-lover book, an inspirational book, an allegory of The American Dream, a sweet story, a fairy tale, a deep philosophical book, a daily reader, and/or a reminder that you are loved. Reader reactions will be as varied as the flowers of the garden themselves. See for yourself. It’s likely to soothe your spirit.

READ the FLOWER BOOK page on this website for updates and insights into this book.

“Catalyst in Palm Beach” novel published September 2019 as foreshadowing to current day. In the first chapter a spiritual reading from 2002 is referenced. Many intuitive predictive insights are revealed in the novel.

“She took a few deep breaths, and closed her bon bon brown eyes. We settled into our comfortable chairs, and she started her reading, ‘Your clever lines will become inspirational, not motivational. Simple. To-the-point. Zen-ism. Black-and-white. Different. This film (you will create) is about the American Dream. Your work is the American Dream and your romantic life will converge as you do your work. You will experience a love unlike any other. But it’s not what you imagine it to be.’”

“Marlins Cry, A Phishing Story” is a true story in part about cyber stalking in Palm Beach in 2011 based in a setting of fishing in the Bahamas. Read 85 cyber safety tips in the thriller’s storyline published in 2012.

“Secrets of the Southern Shells” second edition from 2015 features photography of Florida and Bahamas beaches with a sweet story of a starfish based on advice from Southern mothers. It’s a popular gift book!