Ghostwriting Self Publishing by Casey

My passion is to help archive American history through personal and family Life Story memoirs for clients, creating entertaining books.

As an ad agency owner for 31 years, and a ghostwriter for 10 years, I can write in any voice. I can also create the graphics for the cover and pages, and manage the book through the publishing process. I can promote the book after it’s printed. I do all of the services myself and have been self-publishing since 2008. Most ghostwriters can write but cannot provide full service.

I have my family history traced back 600 years on my father’s side by an aunt that was a genealogist. On my mother’s side, they were some of the first politicians and founded the first churches and colleges in America. Some of their European histories were also was traceable through public records as high-profile citizens. What is lacking is personal insights about their era and what they would share with current-day families and readers.

As a ghostwriter, I can help articulate what a client wants for their legacy and what they want to pass on to current and future generations. In the photo, the two at the bottom were created for a client who has since passed and we keep his stories alive through his books. The other books are ones that I wrote that I still actively sell.
Contact me and let’s start your Life Story! Casey

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