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Print version out May 6, 2013.


Aug. 2013 “I attended a performance at the UCF Theatre yesterday and received my playbill inside a recent edition of chART. Once I began reading it, I was amazed and delighted at just how much coverage there was for UCF and for the Town & Gown Council. You truly have taken our role as ambassadors to heart. Thanks for helping share the great story of our hometown university in such a special manner.” Phyllis Klock, Past President UCF Town & Gown, Charter Trustee Emerita – UCF Board of Trustees and Vice Chair – UCF Foundation Board of Directors

Aug. 2013 “I watched the film and I can hardly believe it has been 8 years! Time flies, but in some ways, it feels like you have been doing this forever. I know you have suspended the art parties and who can blame you? Very labor intensive. I just wanted to thank you for all your good work and efforts on my behalf and on behalf of the artists you represented. We all benefited to be sure. I really enjoyed our collaboration! The Downtown Mount Dora Art Stroll is still perking along. It has been taken over by the Center for the Arts. I am really happy Cathy, Mel and I got the ball rolling. There are now quite a few galleries and painters set up downtown and I think the Stroll exposure helped a lot. That really makes me proud. I love to see artists get a place. Once again, best wishes for your next eight years and for all you do for the arts.” — Susan Guch, fine artist, master gardener and former chARTist

May 2013 “Great article about Chuck Greene!  I, too, am a renaissance redneck!  Haha.” — Vicki Trovillion

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