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2006 – 08, Orlando Sentinel, Art Column

Orlando Sentinel  Sept. 26, 2008

Visual Arts by Terry Hummel

Charity and art mix, mingle in Maitland

Join the fun gang from chART tonight, 7-10p.m. at the Mercedes Benz dealership in Maitland (on U.S. Highway 17-92). chART produces a quarterly magazine that unites local charities, artists and donors / art collectors (chART = charity + art). The magazine gives info about various charities, their activities in the community and their own fundraisers. About once a month, chART hosts a free event in various locations to sell art, bring together cool people, listen to live music, enjoy some libations and nibble on great hors d’oeuvres. Subscribers to chART’s full-color magazine can enter the parties’ VIP areas for even more delectable goodies, and (like tonight) are often followed by an “after party” at a sponsoring restaurant. For more info or to subscribe, call 407-629-6366.

Orlando Sentinel March, 24-30, 2006 Terry Hummel 2 chances to party arty There are two art parties tonight with a lot in common. they both will be in Winter Park, will have great original art by Florida artists, will take place on the second floor of their buildings, and will be located less than five minutes apart.
  The first begins at 6 p.m. at Gallery M. 238 Park Ave. N. (above Timothy’s Gallery), and features the sculptures of John Petrey. The title of this collection is “Undressed.” (Hmm.) M also has work by other nationally recognized locals, such as Larry Moore, Edson Campos, Stephen Bach and Martha Jo Mahoney. Call 407-671-0908.
  The second event is huge. It begins at 7 and officially ends at 10, but I have known it to go on a bit later. Yes, my art-aholic friends, it’s time for another of the legendary chART Loft parties! The par-tay is in the Lofts of Winter Park (above the Cheesecake Factory). These parties always have lots of great art, live entertainment, food, wine, etc. The event is free, but there is a VIP-area reserved for subscribers to kNOW, chART’s quarterly full-color magazine. You can subscribe while there. Call 407-629-6366.

Orlando Sentinel, Calendar Section, March 3-9, 2006Terry Hummel Party! We’re chART(ing) progress Casey Swann of Winter Park is a marketing whiz. She has worked with many of our area’s best nonprofit and corporate citizens. Many of the nonprofits, as anyone who reads this column knows, sell or auction local art as part of their fundraising strategy. Swann decided to turn this loose but symbiotic relationship into more of a formal marriage; she created “chART” (from: charity + art) and its full-color magazine NOW. ChART holds events throughout the year, selling original art and donating a portion to the charity of the purchaser’s choosing. The magazine is full of articles about cultural happenings, patrons, our many cultural organizations, artists, and performers. Each issue contains a small catalog of original art for sale. (These sales also benefit the charities.)
  Tonight, 7-10 pm., chART and Now celebrate their one-year anniversary and the launch of the spring issue of the magazine. ChART events are always huge, and tonight’s party is no exception. This event takes place at the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Maitland (on U.S. Highway
17-92 near the Maitland Boulevard overpass), and will have art, live music, food and wine from the area’s best eateries. The various bars, etc., each benefit a single charity. Admission is free. Call 407-629-6366.