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01/27/20 Publisher Note:

Charting reality check for local publications … Chart is created and published by one person including print, online, events, subscriptions and all promotions. The other mastheads list dozens of people that have titles, some staff don’t get ink of course. I took time for a favorite leisure activity Sunday and leafed through some of the local magazines. There are so many good stories to tell and there is purpose for each publication for its targeted content and readers.

As the Publisher, and seasoned marketing executive and advertising agency owner of 30 years, I am grateful for the people who support Chart. SHHHH. Can’t tell yet but … Chart has a contributing writer this issue. Chart has a style page contributor. Chart has photographers who have volunteered. Chart has volunteers for the events.

The Chart members, sponsors and advertisers all benefit from Chart’s stealth business model by very LOW RATES to participate. It’s truly a co-operative community initiative to promote charities and arts. PRINT CHARTICLES and ADS are now available. Be a part of the 2020-21 annual issue. CALL Publisher Casey Tennyson now to reserve your space 407-629-6366.