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Charting NEW Novel “Catalyst in Palm Beach”

“Catalyst in Palm Beach” By Casey Tennyson

Catalyst in Palm Beach ignites Awareness through a tale of travels, trysts, tragedies, universal Truths and the quest for unrequited True Love.

Book published Sept. 11, 2019

Novel, 5.5 x 8.5 Hardback, 188 pages

INSIDE: The quest for an eternal twin soul sparks a suspenseful epic life era. Intriguing twists strip the superficial to reveal the essence of integrity and Truth. The main character Cat dances with distractions and illusions as they melt away to reveal a life purpose. Adventure travels take Cat around the world. The spiritual journey brings her home to embrace the tender parts of humanity.

AUTHOR: Casey Tennyson has used her writing as a leader in advertising, marketing, publishing and ghostwriting. Her fifth book “Catalyst in Palm Beach” sets the stage for sequels. Many of her books are based in Florida and the Caribbean where she finds her creative energy and inspiration. Tennyson also is the publisher of Chart charity art magazine in Florida.


TRAVEL: Paris, Costa Rica, NYC, The Florida Keys, St. Barths, and more

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Oct. 2019 now available at Classic Bookshop in Palm Beach.



“I loved ‘Catalyst in Palm Beach’! Author Casey Tennyson takes the reader on a riveting adventure of the senses and the soul. The story takes us from jet-setting to Europe, to island-hopping through the Caribbean, with colorful characters and some sketchy creepers. Catalyst is a cautionary tale of balancing levity and awareness, and learning to be vigilant about what you allow into your reality. In today’s world, we have to be critical thinkers when sifting through the news, political and religious ideologies, and the people whom we allow to be close to us. The protagonist, Cat, has an uncanny sense of being guided and protected, which allows her to be present and in-the-moment, even when danger and threats abound. As a psychotherapist, I know that many people struggle to achieve this balance. The story encourages the reader to adjust the lens through which we see things, and discover one’s own truth. Full of life lessons, hair raising moments and incredible adventures, ‘Catalyst in Palm Beach’ is irresistible and eye-opening. As an avid reader, this is a story that will stay with me and remind me to live my best life, being guided by love and not fear.” – Risa Bos, LMHC