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Chart Palm Beach Creates Second Issue

Publisher Letter May 6, 2019
Chart announced the intention to create Chart Palm Beach in May 2018 and remarkably a mere four months later over the slow summer months published the premier 48-page issue for the 2018-19 season. Chart distributed 10,000 magazines primarily on Palm Beach island over 6 months. Chart also built a targeted social media presence for @chartpalmbeach on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and continued a strong online presence with e-mail newsletters and posts on In the first year, Chart created 14 well attended events showcasing local artists and charities and participated in other charity events. Chart also began a base of subscribers / members as part of the events.
As a solo publisher and creator of Chart in Palm Beach this past year, I am proud of the accomplishment to launch this version of the charity and arts promotion as a long-term personal goal. I previously published a bigger version of Chart for ten years in Winter Park, with plans to publish in Palm Beach where I’ve had a presence for a decade. I am deeply grateful for the Palm Beach advertisers, sponsors, members / subscribers, event hosts, magazine distribution partners, readers, supporters and encouragers who are making Chart charity art a resource in Palm Beach for promoting our only two topics of charities and arts.
The 2019-20 issue is in the creative process now and is developing as an inspired community promotion fueled with positive energy, compassion for the charities and excitement for the arts.
I invite you to join us. Chart has affordable sponsored one-page Charticles and traditional ads designed so everyone who would like to can participate. Chart will be continuing to create content in May and June.
Regards, Publisher Casey Tennyson