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In “Lessons From A Falling Leaf”, Casey Swann vividly and descriptively shows in both prose and illustrations, the development not just of a leaf in acquiring its independence but how the connection can bring joy to others in a seemingly unrelated fashion. In portraying just one individual leaf and giving it humanistic qualities, Ms. Swann descriptively shows the expansion of conscousness to the universal love that connects everything in the creation that can be seen if all are awake, and how we are all in perfect harmony when the attention is out.”  — Harley Dembert, International Travel Internet Executive and Teacher at The School of Practical Philosophy NYC

“‘Lessons From A Falling Leaf’ is a must-read for anyone perched on the branch and encouraging those they love to have the courage to change in order to achieve their dreams, such as our children, our friends, our peers and even ourselves. The book is inspiring and spiritual but also lined with practical wisdom.” — Amy Davis, Manager WFTV

“My friend Casey Swann just wrote a book called ‘Lessons From a Falling Leaf’, what a wonderful creative read about life, letting go gently, learning to land and having the courage to change in order to achieve your dreams. We all have felt like that leaf at times and heard the whisper…’Let go and Be Free to See…'” —Merrill Frailey, ChooseJoy Life Coaching, posted 9/18/09 on her blog on

“I read ‘Lessons From A Falling Leaf’ and it brought tears to my eyes. It was very deep and very moving. It makes you think. I didn’t realize what a good writer you are. Just thinking about the book now is bringing back the tears, very emotion evoking. I NEVER cry, so for me to get emotional is very unusual.” — Connie Brand, Co-Founder For Arts Group / Central Florida

Fellow author Nancy Rosenfeld Daly remarked that she felt she would resonate with different messages packed inside the 24 page book at different times depending upon circumstances and moods. Feedback has been the book evokes emotional responses, inspiration, courage, motivation, spiritual insights and more. A college student found it sad because she missed her parents, a professional found it empowering to leave her 30 year top executive job to find her dreams, a friend found it uplifting that he might find romantic love. 
Read it for yourself and tell us how you experience the book and how you relate to Leaf.

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