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Chart-ing Presidents Day 2018

On Presidents Day 2018, an “on this day” Facebook post popped up of … the current president. In 2015, at a charity gala at his historic Palm Beach mansion Mar-a-lago, the gregarious host mingled among the guests for photo opportunities. Kismit in 2018 to pop up on Presidents Day.

I love America. My family members were among the first settlers and political, religious and educational leaders in the young country. I was pleased when my Italian publisher friend noted the patriotism in my book “Marlins Cry, A Phishing Story” in his review this week. I don’t recall what exactly I wrote about democracy in the 2012 book. (I think it was banter with fishing captains.) American values are central to our freedoms, and something I certainly treasure as a writer, and not surprising that it got ink in my book.

VERY WELL WRITTEN “The book ‘Marlins Cry’ was very well written. As a publisher, I noticed things I would change that I suggested to the author. I liked that the book touched on the concept of the American democracy. Wealth and freedom are not possible without a democratic country. Everyone can become ‘a someone’ if they want to with no limitations.” — Maurizio Candotti Russo, Idelson Gnocchi Publisher, Inc., Italian Publisher since 1908,