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Charting Spring 2017 #NationalPoetryMonth

Publisher’s Letter April 25, 2017

Yesterday a red cardinal hopped about and followed me like a puppy. The humid pop of rain soothed nature into dancing. Then nature nudged me to write a poem. In week six of coddling a sprained ankle, with limited meditative activity, like biking or beach walking, my writing has been uninspired. So, I was grateful for these words to flow. The wing reference in the poem is from my 2012 book “Marlins Cry, A Phishing Story,” in Chapter 20 Safe Harbor on page 89. It’s an entertaining short read for your upcoming summer vacations.

So, in spring, this season of growth, wishing you a nudging of your own for encouragement. Have a beautiful spring Chart readers!

Casey Tennyson, Publisher


Readers Respond:

“Enjoyed the affirmation of God present in nature. You definitely have the genes of Alfred Lord Tennyson.” — Laurel Bookhardt, Ringling School of Art

“Beautiful! Lovely. Heartfelt. Thank you for sharing these words with me.” — Marcia Chellis Author

“Your poem ‘The Rest’ is so so beautiful! I am so glad that you shared this with me and that you are sharing this with the world. I love your wording …I love the images … I love the message!” — Mary Hayes, Author