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Chart-ing Summer Solstice

Chain Reaction of light …





The photo is not flattering in any way, to me or to the Louvre in the City of Lights. A random photographer squatted down so I would block the sun. The courtyard was eerily empty as was much of Paris that spring week.

By shops along the Rue de Rivoli, a few blocks away, a gypsy had just attempted to take my bag. She yanked from behind with such force that she snapped the metal chain on the handle. She darted in front of me to try to snatch the purse from the front. Shocked, I stopped and the sea of global tourists shifted pedestrian patterns around us oblivious to the would-be crime. My iron-clad fist held steadfast on the straps. My passport was inside so I had been on high alert. I felt my other fist clench. I stared down at the straggly-gray-haired weathered woman whose eyes darted from my necklace to the purse, shifting her weight like a boxer. My purse, and all of my belongings, were going to peacefully stay in my possession. I felt sorry for her. My energy spoke to her, not my words. Our seconds-long encounter ended abruptly when she looked up at my eyes glaring down into her face. She gasped. She froze. Then the short woman crouched over and darted into the crowd with her empty large black canvas bag, becoming invisible again. Today I picked up the repaired bag back in Florida.
The incident ignited many conversations to be prepared and aware, and to protect oneself with positive energy. The more you practice being mindful, the easier it can become when you need it most.
The Summer Solstice today has the most sunlight of the year. It has the least darkness. From The City of Lights to The City Beautiful, and to humanity worldwide, today is a day to let your Light shine and your Beauty beam. As we focus on Light and Beauty, the healing energy can help transform the dark and the broken.

#LoveOrlando #PrayForParis