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Mayday to Yay-day

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Publisher’s Note: emailed on May 1, 2013, Chart MAYDAY to YAY-DAY

Definition of YAY = Exclamation = Expressing triumph, approval, or encouragement.

Chart celebrates a long, arduous first wave of 2013 getting Chart magazine on the press. The InDesign files went to press on May 1 and magazines were delivered today! (May 6)

Now the website and social media sources are flowing with fresh content. See recent updates: the online version of Chart magazine 2013-14, a new link e-ARTicles which will provide continual weekly news, new Chart-ing Florida articles, the Chart Cares Charity Packages on the charity link, and more!

Be sure to check out the “Marlins Cry” links for the Marlins Cry Project with UCF Theatre Department including two MP3 songs to download and the promo film for the half hour performance. Very exciting.

While charities and creativity are two of my favorite topics, cyber security is not. Cyber issues snuck into my life in 2011, and then into my book which became “Marlins Cry,” and now into the magazine theming this whole 2013-14 print issue.

It’s not my desire or my choice to be a voice for cyber security. I am encouraged that this topic passes with simple solutions soon. If I am to be a voice, the voice I give will get on stage, sing, harmonize, tap dance, act, and as the curtain drops, hopefully have a strong applause.

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