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Celebr-EIGHT chART’s 8th Year event in Jan. 2013 acknowledged chART’s supporters. Thousands more people who have subscribed, advertised, sponsored, attended events, purchased art and books, have all contributed to chART’s mission to promote creative people and charities!

40 Years After band performed including Keith Longstaff, guest drummer Michael Schmidt, Vito Fera and Jeff Cleveland. Brett Miller performed his original song, “Once in a Lifetime,” that he based on the book “Bair For Fish Bigger Than I Am.” “Secrets of the Southern Shells” books were purchased for Foundation for Foster Children. Guests bought the novel “Marlins Cry A Phishing Story.” Luma on Park hosted the after party! Fun.

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Promo 1 posted May 7, 2013


Promo 1 posted May 7, 2013


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