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chART & UCF Theatre Creative Collaboration on Marlins Cry Project

Students in the UCF School of Performing Arts – Theatre UCF read the novel “Marlins Cry A Phishing Story.” The creative team then composed two songs, wrote and choreographed an improvisational movement piece, wrote and performed a staged reading, and coordinated and managed the half hour performance in the lighting studio in the UCF Theatre building.

MARLINS CRY PROJECT was based on the book “Marlins Cry A Phishing Story, The Digital Damnation of Civilized Society” which is a gripping novel exposing the potent potential of peril for individuals, caused by spyware on a single phone, and for a society, through electronic espionage of major entities. The big fish of the business world put out a battle cry for cyber security in this poignant book. The story softens the fear factor with a spiritual message of hope.

chART filmed the Marlins Cry Project performance for TO COME Summer 2013. 

Enjoy the promo now!


“I just watched the promo film! How great to have students from the UCF theatre department working on the Marlins Cry Project. Mixing music and drama together to portray a story provokes new ideas and emotions and is a creative way to shed light on different elements. Can’t wait to see how the film turns out!” — Bartley Stratton


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