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Book Marlins Cry

Marlins Cry Cover

MARLINS CRY A Phishing Story

The Digital Damnation of Civilized Society

A Battle Cry for Cyber Security For Individuals and The Business World’s Big Fish

A true story in part, and an alarming message to America in whole

By Casey Tennyson Swann

Book released October 2012.

BUY hardback 8.5 x 5.5 118 pages, $19.95 plus sales tax and shipping

or BUY paperback 8.5 x 5.5 109 pages, $11.95 plus sales tax and shipping

INSIDE: Marlins Cry A Phishing Story, The Digital Damnation of Civilized Society, is a gripping novel exposing the potent potential of peril for individuals, caused by spyware on a single phone, and for a society, through electronic espionage of major entities. The big fish of the business world put out a battle cry for cyber security in this poignant book. The book has 85 tips for cyber safety in the story line. The Bahamas fishing story with colorful island characters softens the fear factor with a spiritual message of hope.


THE STORY takes place marlin fishing on a boat in the Bahamas, with a main character, a writer, who is victimized by spyware. She relives her terror daydreaming on the boat. The boat owner, her PR firm client, is being attacked by corporate electronic espionage that threatens demise for the whole country. The boat captain, and several other characters, all receive the plight of the two victims with varying degrees of interest, mostly indifference. The story outlines a wake up call for America to protect itself, because we are all connected, starting with responsibility of each individual who uses a phone or computer.

THE GIST of the book is best summarized by the main character in Chapter 12:

“I am afraid that my stalker might kill me, yes, but my bigger fear is that our entire civilized society, as we know it and enjoy it, is in terrible jeopardy. Unscrupulous international criminal minds can wipe out our infrastructure and bring us to a third-world scavenger survival-mode. They can do it in an instant, totally invisible and virtually untraceable, from anywhere in the world.”

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