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chART Labor Day 2012

chART avalanche of boxes
Publisher’s Note for Labor Day 2012 LABOR OF LOVE
Along with you, I took off work today.
Last week, I was literally buried in work, in about 7,500 chART magazines, (7,500 already distributed) packaged into boxes the size, shape and weight of concrete blocks that avalanched on top of me. Thanks to past athleticism and quick reflexes, the steel shelving that would have thrown me through a window, missed most of me. My feet and legs didn’t fare so well as they took some blows and trapped me as I pushed the falling boxes from my face and chest.
I’m nursing my mammoth bruises still and just a little too embarrassed to wear beach wear for traditional Labor Day celebrations. Surprises in our lives are gifts. I have much gratitude today for mobility. With bruises you can still walk. (I was on the Buoniconti Fund To Cure Paralysis for a few years in Orlando with Nick B. Check out I walked myself with my swollen calves and feet last week to Beauty Spot for a pedicure (love them!) and bought new strappy sandals, too, to celebrate that my feet were still in tact. This accident – surprise made me think how much walking is critical to my happy life.
I’m happy in my life partly, (which I just accidentally spelled party which is funny because of how this sentence will end,) … because I love what I do! In my ad agency, I make other people rich and famous. I love to do that whether it’s through media, or writing, or branding. or logos, or corporate videos, or any public image. Publishing chART charity art magazine, I get to promote creative people in the arts and people who creatively support charities. I created my dream job when I started the magazine. I get to travel and find creative people around coastal Florida and write about them. I get to hear and share how people enrich our communities through charity work.
My true labor of love this summer has been writing my first novel, to be released next month. I have six friends now reading the manuscript this weekend and will pass on their reviews next week. Short Story “Secrets of the Southern Shells” was for my then 18-year-old daughter, Novella “Bait For Fish Bigger Than I Am” was written for my 21-year-old son, and this novel is for us adults to read first, then you’ll want to pass it on to the kids!
Thank you so much for your continued support of chART, and for all the book sales, and giving me the pleasure and honor to be a voice for things beautiful and good about our communities and the people in them.
chART Publisher, Casey Swann
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