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Making space for 15,000 spring / summer 2012 magazines and throwing out old files, I read through the original 2004 file where chART was concepted. Inside were notes from Northland sermons, artilce in American Demographics magazine on arts, IMDB profile of first cousin Mark Holton, legal pad notes with arts inspiration trips to NYC and Chicago / list of article ideas / layout sketches / lists of potential advertisers / event and promotional ideas, and a Variety magazine (film industry) spread with huge photos and catchy headlines with punchy short copy. I’ve never sold enough ads to make the photos that large, so chART reads more like a big newsletter. I’ve accomplished all I set out to do for the magazine itself. Did want to make it statewide. Did want to contract it for communities across the country. Did want to make it a TV show. BUT for now, chART is perfect as it is. AND I am adding my book writing to my daily work, which will support my chART habit! Visit to learn more. Thank you for your continued support of chART magazine in print and online! Casey Swann

Fri. June 15, 2012 Continuation of Project Clean: I just tossed a large bin of student art that I moved to four offices over the last few years. I drove around to the private schools where they had active art programs to pick up the entries. I also promoted it heavily to encourage mail-in entries. For the first few years, I contacted Sam Flax art store for $50 in supplies, Darden Foundation for gift certificates for a family celebration, Popeye’s for a gift certificate for a classroom celebration and other donations. So the student would get $100-$200 in gifts, a copy of the magazine mailed to him or her with a certificate which would look great on a college application. Do you know how many thank you calls or letters I got? None. So, we backed off the busy work of the gifts, and this issue ended the student art and writing contest. That doesn’t mean we won’t be promoting student art success. We will. EVERY creative person I interview, has someone in their childhood who encouraged them to be creative. Student art experiences are very important. With restructuring, chART again will do more reporting on success stories than actually creating the platforms. Success equals change.

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