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Shell Book

Secrets of the Southern Shells Second Edition

by Casey Tennyson with photography and art by the author and illustrations by Katelyn Tennyson Swann

Book released September 2015

BUY hardback 8 x 8 68 pages, Retail $19.95 plus sales tax and shipping

GIST: 20 Tips for Southern Shells and Other Belles

While the global world has changed extensively over the last 200 years since the birth of America and the Southern U.S., the intimate advice from Southern mothers to their children has remained virtually unchanged. Sometimes as adults we need a little reminder, also. Remember who you are, you are a Southern Star.


Be careful what you wish for
Remember who you are, you are a SOUTHERN Star
Be sweet
Let boys find you
Combine Southern Hospitality with compassion
Help your neighbors
Take time for yourself
Kill meanness with kindness
Stay in safe places with safe people
Hold your head high
Be independent
Always look for something good
Replace fear with faith
Use words wisely
Listen to your voice inside
Do good work
Small counts big
Seek Wisdom
Wait for the right one
Be a Lady



BOOK RELEASED 11/01/10 original version illustrated by Chartists


44 pages hardcover, 8.5 x 5.5 size, quick 20 minute read with generous colorful images of ocean art

$19.95 retail (plus tax, shipping) at and other online bookstores

All books are on sale on AMAZON 

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