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Shell Book


Secrets of the Southern Shells

Timeless Wisdom and Timely Advice

for Southern Shells and Other Belles

by Casey Tennyson Swann

Illustrations by chARTists

20 Tips for Southern Shells and Other Belles

While the global world has changed extensively in the last 200 plus years since the birth of America and the Southern U.S., the intimate advice from Southern mothers has remained virtually unchanged. The timeless wisdom is packaged as timely advice by contemporary parents so their children will hear. As children, they listen and learn. Sometimes, as importantly, as adults we need a little reminder. Remember who you are, you are a Southern Star.

THE BOOK  Ocean-inspired Secrets of the Southern Shells, authored by Casey Tennyson Swann, collects for the reader a small handful of loving advice for Southern Shells. As in any shell collection, one has their deeply treasured favorites from beaches long ago. Swann captures the timeless wisdom and timely advice from Southern mothers to their children through the adventure of a starfish who gets swept up in a rapidly changing global world. The book balances the delicate shell images with words of practical wisdom and comfort. chARTists from Winter Park, Fla. – based chART charity art created original fine art for the book illustrations.

The book is filled with ocean and beach art and makes a perfect coffee table book. It’s a quick read filled with positive messages for the ladies in your life of all ages. The adventure includes surfing, sport fishing and messages for men, too. After all men have to understand ladies for the “be sweet” to work!


Be careful what you wish for
Remember who you are, you are a SOUTHERN Star
Be sweet
Let boys find you
Combine Southern Hospitality with compassion
Help your neighbors
Take time for yourself
Kill meanness with kindness
Stay in safe places with safe people
Hold your head high
Be independent
Always look for something good
Replace fear with faith
Use words wisely
Listen to your voice inside
Do good work
Small counts big
Seek Wisdom
Wait for the right one
Be a Lady

AUTHOR’S PREFACE by Casey Tennyson Swann

I don’t have a southern accent or the life experiences of my southern family. I grew up in Florida with Tara-esque images from family summer vacations to antebellum homes filled with genteel voices in Tennessee and Mississippi.

My children and I are descendants of British colonists on both my mother and father’s side. My mother is from a long line of political leaders. My father’s family had, among other things, leaders in the Daughters of the American Revolution and many other United States historical societies. I personally have always felt a deep patriotism for America and immense love of the South. As each generation travels further from our southern base and culture, and as my own children enter adulthood, I felt a desire to collect some of the words I would hope they would share with their own children one day.

In the Bahamas spring 2010, the book was conceptualized, Secrets of the Southern Shells, drawing from my southern heritage and also my intense respect and love of the ocean.

My journal could be Memories of a Mermaid as I was splashing, floating or boating in the water many of my waking hours. Summer 2010, I spent beach time in Florida at New Smyrna Beach, Palm Beach, The Keys, with quick trips to Clearwater and Naples, as well as trips to the islands. Throughout my life, I have visited nearly every beach in Florida deciding which one to call home as my children go to college.

My favorite people have played in the water with me. I played with childhood friends in lakes … swim team friends (I was captain) in long lined pools … synchronized swimming friends with matching swim suits (funny) … University of Central Florida surf team buddies in contests (I was one of the first three girls on the UCF surf team) … my children and Park Grove neighbor toddlers in my back yard pool learning to swim … many, many family and friends beach trips all over Florida and much of the world … boating with friends in the U.S. from Kennebunkport to the Florida Keys … I am happiest on anything that floats from surfboards, to kayaks to boats of any size.

PRAISE  My 18-year-old daughter read the manuscript and quipped, “This is what you tell me everyday. The starfish is giving me a lecture.” Perfect. The book then achieved it’s mission to capture the intimate communication inside the homes of Southern Shells.



44 pages hardcover, 8.5 x 5.5 size, quick 20 minute read with generous colorful images of ocean art

$19.95 retail (plus tax, shipping) at and other online bookstores

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